Video: Stunning Alfa Romeo GTA battles two massive V8 Ford Galaxies

The wonderful St. Mary’s Trophy, a race that so often sees David and Goliath battles between heavy cars with big engines and lighter cars with smaller engines each with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Well here’s another epic fight between little and large. The little an Alfa Romeo GTA, the large two Ford Galaxies, fighting for first, second and third. Let battle commence.

The Alfa has DTM hero Frank Stippler at the wheel, no stranger to historics and a man who actually started his racing career in an Alfa Romeo Alfetta. The white Galaxie, meanwhile, is being piloted by former Grand Prix driver and 1989 Le Mans 24 Hours winner Jochen Mass, and the red Galaxie by nine-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen. The cup of talent overfloweth.

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