Generation Esports raises $10.8 million

Generation Esports has raised $10.8 million to grow student esports leagues and tournaments.

Altos Ventures led the round in the Kansas City, Missouri-based startup, which has built a platform for staging esports leagues, tournaments and other events. FJ Labs also invested.

The company will use the funding to support Generation Esports‘ multiple community and student esports initiatives, including the High School Esports League (HSEL). This a competitive gaming organization for high school students in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. It’ll also support the Middle School Esports League.

While esports has been disrupted by the pandemic, which has stopped all physical competitions, the online events continue. And I’m bullish on how school esports leagues can change the culture of learning in schools. No longer to the stereotypes of jocks and nerds divide students, as just about everybody plays and loves games. And the nerds are quite competitive against the jocks in this kind of competition. So the esports leagues are a cultural equalizer that helps everybody feel like they belong in a group at school.

Sponsors Asus, Intel, and the Army National Guard have additionally pledged to support Generation Esports and its leagues in 2021 and beyond. The company has partnered with 3,400 schools. The company started as High School Esports League, but now it has expanded beyond that.

Mason Mullenioux, the CEO of Generation Esports, said in a statement that the additional resources will allow high school and middle school esports leagues to expand their respective scholastic programs that more than 140,000 student members in 50 states have enjoyed over the last nine years.

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